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WooCommerce basic review system is pretty simple and from an eCommerce point, not good enough. In Ecomly we added the 3rd Party plugin Photo Review (free version) which offers you a better review system. The review now will include the product image. With photos, the product reviews on your site will be more reliable. By that, the plugin will increase your sale and traffic.

Plugin features #

Photo review #

  • Photo review: The plugin allows customers to attach pictures to reviews and display that pictures along with the review on the front-end.
  • Maximum picture size: Set a maximum picture size that customers can attach to their reviews.
  • Photos required: Reviews must include a picture to be uploaded.
  • Display by time: Select to display the newest or oldest review first on front-end.
  • Overall rating & Rating count: Show the average rating, total number of reviews and the number of each rating in an intuitive and friendly way
  • Review Filter: Filter reviews by rating, contain pictures or verified buyers
  • GDPR compliance: The plugin will display a message and a checkbox at the review form that allows customers to agree to share the review on your page.
  • Edit reviews: Admin can edit review text, change review images…

Review reminder #

After a scheduled time from when an order is marked as complete. The plugin will send a review reminder email to the customer, asking to review the product. To encourage the customer to take pictures of the product and leave a review, the plugin will offer them a discount coupon. The plugin only sends a review reminder if a customer has never reviewed the item before.

  • Review reminder email: Send emails to customers who purchased products, offering them coupons to encourage them posting review
  • Configure review reminder email: Configure the review reminder email sending to customers using shortcode {customer_name}

Review for coupon #

The plugin will generate coupons and send them to review authors. This prize will encourage customers to post reviews and it also increases your profit when they use the coupon.

  • Send coupon email: the plugin will send an email coupon whenever a review which qualifies the requirement is published.
  • Use existing coupons: you select to send existing WooCommerce coupons as a prize.
  • Auto-generate coupons: set up the plugin to generate unique coupons and send it along with the coupon emails. You can set up the plugin to generate coupons with all WooCommerce Coupon settings.
  • Photos required: you can select to send coupons to authors of reviews include photos only.
  • Minimum rating required: set a minimum rating review can get a coupon.
  • Verified owners required: the only reviews from the verified owner can get a coupon.
  • Configure coupon email: configure the coupon email sending to customers using shortcode {customer_name} {coupon_code} {date_expires}

Customize design #

The plugin provides many design options for you to change the review module to fit with your website interface.

  • Front-end style: there are 2 front-end styles for you to select. The Grid style and the default style.
  • Background-color: helps you to change the background color of the review section.
  • Text color: you can change the review text.
  • Review date: you can choose to display the review date on front-end.
  • Review Rating Count: display overall rating on the front-end.
  • Full-size images: allows customers to display review image full size.
  • Custom CSS: you can add your CSS code to change the front-end design as you want.

How it works? #

Go to Photo Reviews > Photo Reviews

We have already set up some default optimal settings.

General #

  1. Enable: Enable/Disable the plugin.
  2. Mobile: Enable/Disable photo reviews on mobile devices.

Reviews #

  1. Include photos: Allow customers to post photos along with their reviews. If this option is turned off, there will be no option to post pictures along with reviews on front-end.
  2. Maximum photo size: The maximum picture size that can be posted with reviews.
  3. Maximum photo quantity: The maximum picture quantity that can be posted with a review.
  4. Photo required: Choose if pictures are required. If this option is enabled, customers will not be possible to post reviews without a photo.
  5. Sort reviews by: Select to display the oldest or the latest reviews first.
  6. Show review tab first: Select to display the review tab first instead of the description tab on a single product page.
  7. GDPR checkbox: this option is made to make WooCommerce Photo Review be compliant with the GDPR EU’s law. Customer will need to confirm that they agree for you to use their picture in the review tab.
  8. GDPR message: Configure your GDPR message.
  9. Rating stars color: Pick a color for the review stars on front-end.

Rating counts & filters #

  1. Ratings count: Enable rating count on the front end.
  2. Overall rating: This will display the last average rating of the product.
  3. Ratings count bar color: Select a color for rating count bar.
  4. Filter: Enable this option to filter reviews 
  5. Filter area border color: Choose the Filter area border color.
  6. Filter area background color: Choose the Filter background color.
  7. Filter buttons border color: Choose the Button border color.
  8. Filter button color: Choose the Button color.
  9. Filter button background color: Choose the button background color.

Coupon #

  1. Coupon for reviews: Enable this option to send a coupon to customers when their reviews are approved.
  2. Photo required: Only send a coupon for reviews which include product pictures.
  3. Minimum required rating: Only send a coupon for reviews with a rating above this number.
  4. Verified owner required: Only send coupons to verified customers.
  5. Review form description: Enter your review form description, this text will be displayed on front-end.
  6. Required products: Select which products that review it will get a coupon, leave this field blank to give coupons to all products.
  7. Custom “from” address: If blank, “From” address of WooCommerce will be used.
  8. Email template: Custom email template
  9. Email subject: Coupon email subject.
  10. Email heading: Coupon email heading.
  11. Email content: Coupon email content.
  12. Set email restriction: Coupons can be used by the received email address only.
  13. Select coupon kind: Select to use an existing coupon which was created in WooCommerce Coupons  or let the plugin auto-generate coupons.
  14. Select an existing coupon: Choose one of created coupons.
  15. Select coupon kind: select to generate unique coupon.
  16. Discount type: Select the discount type of generated coupon.
  17. Coupon amount: Value of the Coupon.
  18. Allow Free Shipping: The coupon grants free shipping.
  19. Time to live: Coupon will expire ater choosen days. Set 0 or blank to make it never expire.
  20. Minimum spend: The minimim spend to use coupon.
  21. Maximum spend: The maximum spend to use coupon.
  22. Individual use only: The coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.
  23. Exclude Sale items: The coupon should not apply to items on sale.
  24. Include products: Product categories that the coupon will be applied to, or that need to be in the cart in order for the “Fixed cart discount” to be applied.
  25. Exclude categories: Product categories that the coupon will not be applied to, or that cannot be in the cart in order for the “Fixed cart discount” to be applied.
  26. Usage Limit Per Coupon: Set the times this coupon can be used before it is void.
  27. Limit Usage To X Items: Set the times this coupon can be used by an individual user.

Review reminder #

  1. Review reminder: Enable this option to send an email to customers asking for reviews.
  2. Schedule time: Schedule a time to send request email after an order is marked as statuses chosen above. The time should be at least 10 seconds to make the function works.
  3. Custom “from” address: This option allows to change the send – from the address with review reminder emails. If you leave this field blank, the plugin will use the default WooCommerce email address.
  4. Email template: You can use WooCommerce Email Template Customizer or Email Template Customizer for WooCommerce to create and customize your own email template. If no email template is selected, default email will be used.
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Updated on 26/09/2021

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