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Creating a trial store #

To create a trial store, go to the Ecomly homepage and click Start your free trial. Fill the form with a temporary store name, email and password, your first and last name. If you already have an Ecomly store or Ecomly valid account, please enter your existing account information in fields First and Last Name, Email, and Password. Click Create Your Store when you’re ready and wait a couple of minutes for the store to be ready.

If you’re attempting to add a trial to an existing Ecomly account, you’ll need to enter the same email and password you currently use.

First login #

Once your store is ready, you’ll get two emails regarding your new store. The first email that store provisioning has been started and the second one will be with your new store login credentials. Your trial temporary URL will be You can change the store name any time, but this URL remains the same till the Live transfer is complete. For your protection, please change your password upon first login.

NOTE: You will have separate credentials for your Ecomly admin dashboard and each new store. Ecomly account will be created with the email and password you have entered on the first-time trial request. Credentials for your store or stores will be received via email.

Adding a new trial store to an existing account #

If you already have a paid store or trial, you can add a new trial to your existing account directly from your Ecomly Account Dashboard. Chose “Trial store” under the products tab. The Ecomly Account Dashboard can also be accessed directly by going to Another way is to create a new trial directly from the Ecomly website, and you just need to enter the same email and password you currently use.

Cancelling a trial #

There is no action needed to cancel a trial store. The trial will automatically expire after the 14-day trial period. You will never be billed for a trial store. 

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Updated on 31/10/2021

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