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Ecomly offers a free SSL certificate, Let’s Encrypt with HTTP/2 standard, for stores on any plan. This allows any store with a custom domain name instant access to a free, dedicated SSL certificate.

Another benefit of having a dedicated SSL on your store is the ability to have sitewide HTTPS. Having sitewide HTTPS will display a green padlock on all pages, giving shoppers extra confidence in your brand and it may improve your SEO ranking in Google.

The free SSL certificate will apply automatically after the store has a custom domain applied. No further action is required. Note that the new SSL certificate may take some time to propagate. It can take up to 48 hours before it is fully applied.

Sitewide HTTPS #

The fastest way to lose trust in your brand is not to show that your storefront is secure. Over time, search engines have pushed for sites to move to HTTPS. Google has stated that HTTPS would be a factor in its search ranking algorithms. Also, with the release of Chrome 68, Google labels any site not using HTTPS as “not secure.”

By default, Ecomly stores have sitewide HTTPS already enabled. This means that all pages are encrypted, not just pages where secure information is entered, such as the checkout or customer account pages. Having sitewide HTTPS will display a padlock on all pages on several popular browsers, giving shoppers confidence in your brand and improving your SEO ranking in Google.

Benefits of HTTPS #

As mentioned above, HTTPS is a search ranking signal. Even if the boost is small, it might be the difference between ranking on the first page or falling behind. Web users are taught to look for the lock in the address bar to ensure that the sites they visit are secure. With HTTPS, a lock next to your URL will give shoppers peace of mind that their information is safe, which will increase your conversion rate.

HTTPS will also improve your analytics data. Non-secure HTTP sites strip away referral information when traffic is passed from a secure HTTPS site, which shows in your analytics data as ‘Direct.’ However, referral data is preserved when traffic passes to an HTTPS site, even if that traffic originated from an HTTP site. Having accurate analytics data can help you make better business decisions.

Browser Security Warnings #

With the rise of eCommerce, most web browsers have built-in features designed to protect shoppers from fraudulent websites by displaying a security alert or blocking traffic to that web page altogether. If you or your customers are seeing browser security warnings when visiting the storefront, there may be an issue with your store’s SSL certificate. Please contact our Support and we will take care of SSL.

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Updated on 26/09/2021

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