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Emails are an integral part of a successful eCommerce store. From transactional emails to abandoned cart remarketing to celebrating milestones, get set up for a successful email relationship with your customers. WooCommerce has robust email tools built right into the core. To send a greater range of messages, you can integrate your store with leading email services like MailPoet or Mailchimp, and add email marketing extensions.

MailPoet #

A really powerful tool with a lot of options for promoting, selling, and upselling your products.

  • Increase sales and build customer relationships with automated follow-up emails
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Customize your WooCommerce emails
  • Create newsletters and promotional email campaigns
  • Grow your email list
  • All of your emails delivered to inboxes, not spam boxes
  • Analyze and improve your campaigns

At MailPoet, we charge on a subscriber basis – not per email. So you’re free to send as many emails as you like to your list of contacts.

You’ll get access to all of MailPoet’s features and MailPoet’s Sending Service at zero cost if you have 1,000 subscribers or fewer. Then when it’s time to upgrade, our premium plans start at just $13/month and can scale as your list continues to grow. For more information, head to our pricing page.

Mailchimp #

Increase traffic, drive repeat purchases and personalize your marketing when you connect to Mailchimp.

By connecting your online store to Mailchimp, you will have access to powerful sales-driving marketing features allowing you to better engage and build relationships with your customers. Driving an increase in customer loyalty & repeat purchases will lead to more sales for your business. And guess what, it’s completely free!

Increase your Revenue Potential

We suggest downloading the official Woocommerce plugin

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Updated on 27/09/2021

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