Creating Terms of Service

Terms of Service are a set of rules that users agree to in order to utilize a service, and are generally used for legal purposes to define the proper use of your site. Terms of Service allow you to include a warranty disclaimer and limit liability, along with protecting your interests by informing users that you own the content on your website such as your logo, site design, features, and more. By thoroughly establishing your expectations for users upfront, you provide accountability and can increase customer confidence in your brand. Terms of Service may also include a Privacy Policy

What is a Terms of Service Agreement? #

Creating a Terms of Service agreement helps to establish your expectations for site users and it provides accountability. It can cover topics such as:

  • Define words or phrases used on the store and business
  • Explain proper or expected usage
  • Define misuse
  • Set accountability for actions, conduct, and behavior
  • Share your Privacy Policy 
  • Provide details about subscription or membership fees
  • State your opt-out policies
  • Explain your dispute resolution process
  • State any disclaimers and Limitation of Liability
  • Explain that users will receive notification if these terms change

Terms of Service Content #

The content in your Terms of Service will be unique to your business. To make sure your Terms of Service follows the legal requirements of your country, make sure to review the content of the Terms with a legal professional. Ecomly support cannot offer specific advice.

Terms of service generators #

There are a few resources available online that can generate basic Terms of Service for an eCommerce store.

Generators can offer blanket coverage and may offer more specific content text for a fee. To ensure your Terms of Service are adequate for your business, we recommend consulting with a legal advisor.

Adding Terms of Service #

You can edit premade page or use one of your store’s new web pages for your privacy policy. See Add Pages for more information.

Add Terms of service to Checkout #

If you want to have a “Terms and Conditions” checkbox on the native Ecomly checkout page, which the customers have to agree to in order to proceed with their purchase, then you’ll have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. You need to already have a “Terms and Conditions” page created.
  2. Access Appearance -> Customize from your Dashboard.
  3. Select WooCommerce.
  4. Select Checkout
  5. Select your Terms and Conditions page from the drop-down menu.
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Updated on 26/09/2021

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